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Xinhua-China (Yuncheng) Apple Price Index launched to facilitate digital agriculture development

November 2, 2018

Abstract : The Xinhua-China (Yuncheng) Apple Price Index was launched Thursday in Yuncheng city of north China’s Shanxi province, utilizing economic information to facilitate digital agriculture development.

Cui Yuanbin

(Photo: Cui Yuanbin, Vice Mayor of Yuncheng Municipal People's Government, speaks on the launch of Xinhua-China (Yuncheng) Apple Price Index in Yuncheng city on Nov. 1, 2018)

BEIJING, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- The Xinhua-China (Yuncheng) Apple Price Index was launched on Thursday in Yuncheng city of north China’s Shanxi province, utilizing economic information to facilitate digital agriculture development.

As the first apple spot price index compiled in China with indexed pricing as main target, the price index monitors market operations and presents development trends to act as benchmark and decision-making tool to help advance supply-side structural reform of the apple industry.

The apple price index is expected to improve pricing power, enhance brand influence as well as drive the standardized development of Yuncheng’s fruit industry, according to Cui Yuanbin, Vice Mayor of Yuncheng, introducing that the city’s fruit output, totaling 6.3 billion kilograms at the moment, have been exported to 58 countries and regions worldwide.

The launch of the Xinhua-China (Yuncheng) Apple Price Index is an important step for developing digital economy in the era of big data and is of major importance in the process of pricing mechanism improvement, brand building and digital agriculture development, according to Wang Xiaobing, director of the Information Center with Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs.

Compiled by Shanxi Yuncheng municipal government and China Economic Information Service (CEIS) of Xinhua News Agency, the Xinhua-China (Yuncheng) Apple Price Index composes Xinhua-China (Yuncheng) Apple Composite Price Index and Xinhua-China (Yuncheng) Apple Single Product Price Index with sample covering major apple producing areas in Yuncheng.

CEIS would facilitate the building of “Yuncheng Standard” in the apple industry and push forward Yuncheng international fruit trading and export platform construction to transform Yuncheng city form a production and trading base into a pricing center, according to Su Huizhi, Vice President of CEIS.

It is noted that CEIS has released a series of agricultural product price indexes such as Xinhua-China Banana Producing Area Price Index, Xinhua-Qaidam Goji Berry Price Index and Xinhua-Changshan Camellia Oil Price Index to help boost information development of rural areas and the high quality development of China’s agricultural product development. (Edited by Niu Huizhe, niuhuizhe@xinhua.org)

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