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China's Yunnan Province to further promote foreign trade

October 8, 2018

Abstract : Southwest China's Yunnan Province will set up priorities to stablize and further promote foreign trade, including green food exports and cross-border e-commerce.


BEIJING, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Southwest China's Yunnan Province will adopt a series of new measures to further promote foreign trade, according to a recent meeting held by the province to stabilize foreign trade and boosting export.

This year, Yunnan's foreign trade kept strong growth and hit a record-high amid some challenges. In the first eight months, the province's total trade volume was 123.2 billion yuan (17.93 billion U.S. dollars), increasing 38.7 percent year on year, according to statistics released by the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province.

Yunnan will promote trade facilitation, further reduce the cost of import and export for enterprises and help market participants to explore diversified markets, according to the authorities.

During the meeting, the province listed priorities for future work, including green food exports, investment attraction and cross-border e-commerce.

In order to facilitate green food exports, the province will organize agricultural products exhibitions, establish agricultural products exhibition and trading centers, and promote green planting and international certification of agricultural products export.

The province will encourage its cities and towns to actively cultivate new growth drivers in foreign trade, based on their own industrial characteristics.

It will also promote the development of cross-border trade in border areas and attract more enterprises from other provinces, especially from developed regions, to carry out processing trade in Yunnan.

The construction of Kunming cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone will also be accelerated, by building warehousing centers in Kunming, Honghe and Ruili and establishing cross-border e-commerce platform. (Edited by Li Wenxin, Yang Qi, liwenxin@xinhua.org)

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