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2018 WTMC agenda highlights opening-up, technology, fashion, green growth

August 29, 2018

Abstract : The First World Textile Merchandising Conference (2018 WTMC) recently released its agenda.

The First World Textile Merchandising Conference (2018 WTMC) recently released its agenda. According to many industry insiders, the 2018 WTMC is expected to explore the latest changes and trends in the textile industry and seek to build a cooperation system throughout the industrial chain, therefore promoting high-quality development.

The conference consists of four parallel forums themed in “Opening-up, Science & Technology, Fashion, Green Growth”. The “Opening-up for New Connection” forum will witness the establishment of a textile industrial chain cooperation system under the Belt and Road Initiative, the WTMC Council and the China-ASEAN Productivity Promotion Alliance. The “Science & Technology as New Driver” forum will highlight the development trends and cutting-edge technologies in the textile industry to explore new growth drivers for innovation-driven development.

The “Fashion as New Trend” forum will focus on global and domestic vogues, fashion economy, new consumption trends and other dimensions to explore fashion trends. “Green Growth as New Business” forum will discuss policies, roadmaps and technological trends towards environmentally-friendly production to boost green growth.


South Area of China Textile City [Photo/Shen Haogen]

It’s learned that 2018 WTMC has received supports from the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) and many other authorities worldwide. The conference will host nearly 1, 000 attendees from about 25 countries. The conference will be held on September 20 and September 21.

The conference will release "Keqiao on Silk Road, Textile for the World" action plan, which features east and west routes. The west route is geared towards high-end markets of Europe and America in an attempt to set up Shaoxing Keqiao Fabric Museums in New York, Milan, Paris and other international fashion centers and world-famous fabric exhibitions. The east route will reach out to countries and regions along the Belt and Road and hold fabric exhibits, business matchmaking conferences and set up exhibition centers.

"As a representative cluster of the global textile industry, Keqiao shall and must hold a high-level conference to establish a brand new communication and interaction platform, and leads the industry to develop in the principle of science and technology, fashion and green growth," an official with Keqiao District said.


As a structural change is taking place in the current world economic pattern and the old growth drivers are replaced with new ones, the textile industry have to face a fact that it can only develop relying on opening-up. For this purpose, it is necessary to coordinate and promote the localization and globalization of the industry, increase openness and cooperation in building innovation capacity, advance cross-border flows of such resources as products, productivity, technology, capital, and talents, and fully integrate and utilize global resources to achieve coordinated development, the official said.

Keqiao, known as an economic hub focusing on the cloth business for a long time, has produced about one-half of Zhejiang's total output of textiles and one-third of the country's total. The flying fabric shown in the logo of the conference embodies mutual integration and connection, which not only demonstrates the advantages of Keqiao's textile industry, but also declares its determination to work with the textile circles of various countries as a representative cluster of the global textile industry.  (Edited by Yang Qi, kateqiyang@xinhua.org)

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