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Xinhua Silk Road joins hands with Thai CC, JD.com to create new platform for China-Thailand co-op

May 11, 2018


BANGKOK, May 11 (Xinhua) -- A training program jointly hosted by Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Thai CC) and Xinhua Silk Road of China Economic Information Service (CEIS) to facilitate the Thai enterprises to make full use of the Chinese e-commerce platforms to enter the Chinese market achieved great success on Thursday.

Representatives widely believed that the move has created a new platform to promote the cooperation among Thai CC, Xinhua Silk Road and the Chinese e-commerce giant.

It was the first training of the Seminar Series of Business Gateway to China event with the theme of “Next Station: China!”. Senior executives from the Chinese e-commerce company JD.com introduced to nearly 700 Thai enterprises the platform’s functions, business models and application of logistics system in Thailand, and lectured on how to register companies in China and how to choose business partners.


Jitti Tangsithpakdi, chairman of the Thai CC, said that the pragmatic cooperation among the three sides is worth promotion so as to benefit more small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Promoting practical and pragmatic cooperation between the two countries is the original intention of this event and also the embodiment of silk road spirit,” noted Liu Mingxia, vice president of CEIS.

Vincent Yang, CEO of JD CENTRAL, said that JD CENTRAL has introduced all the core technology of JD.com in a bid to introduce Chinese e-commerce skills to more Thai people and help Thailand’s e-commerce reach a higher level, which will not only benefit local residents but also facilitate the friendship between the two countries. (Contributed by Li Xiaohui, edited by Zhang Yuan, zhangyuan11@xinhua.org)

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