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Gezhouba joins hands with multinational companies in B&R project construction

May 9, 2018


BEIJING, May 9 (Xinhua) -- China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation has established cooperative partnerships with a number of multinational companies via resource sharing, strategic cooperation, industrial alliances, service consulting, joint contracting, and joint investment and development when constructing the Belt and Road projects.

At present, Gezhouba Group has 49 projects under construction in the countries and regions along the Belt and Road routes, with a total contract value reaching 14.7 billion U.S.dollars.

Chen Xiaohua, deputy general manager with China Gezhouba (Group) Co., Ltd said that the company and multinational corporations co-participating in the construction of the Belt and Road achieved strong alliances and saw increasing mutual trust. They are more likely to be favored by financial institutions and project financing, and are conducive to undertaking risks and strengthening management.

Gezhouba Group signed strategic cooperation agreements, even had practical cooperation in specific businesses with technology companies, such as Siemens, and world-renowned engineering consulting companies, such as AECOM, Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (Australia), and Mott Macdonald.

Chen said that Gezhouba Group will continue to establish and maintain long-term and strategic coordinated development relationships with multinational corporations, and play an exemplary role on Policy Coordination, Facilities Connectivity, Unimpeded Trade, Financial Integration, and People-to-people Bond for countries and regions along the routes, so as to promote the construction of the Belt and Road.  

Gezhouba Group has more than 100 branches at overseas, covering the fields of electric power, transportation, architecture, petrochemicals and chemicals, and agriculture sectors. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Gezhouba Group ranked the 6th in terms of international contracting volume and was one of the representative enterprises for going global and Belt and Road construction in 2017.  (Edited by Ma Xin, maxin11@xinhua.org)

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