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Xinhua Silk Road launches reports on business environment of Jiangsu, Hainan and Chongqing

March 23, 2018


BEIJING, Mar. 23 (Xinhua)--Xinhua Silk Road, China’s state information service platform focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative under Xinhua News Agency, launches three reports on business environment of Jiangsu, Hainan and Chongqing respectively on Friday.

According to Jiangsu’s Business Environment & Assessment Report (2017), Jiangsu Province is one of the most popular destinations for foreign investment in China. It actually utilized 24.54 billion U.S. dollars of foreign capital in 2016, which increased 1.1 percent over 2015 and ranked No. 1 nationwide. Foreign-funded enterprises contributed to a quarter of the fixed asset investment and tax revenue, over 60 percent of foreign trade and created more than 30 percent of jobs in the province.

The development of industrial parks is a highlight of Jiangsu to attract foreign investment. By the end of 2016, there were 131 development zones at or above the provincial level in Jiangsu, among which, 46 were national level development zones and 85 were provincial level ones.

The report points out that although Jiangsu takes a lead in China in economic development, social service, innovation potential and soft investment environment, high cost is a major limitation for investors to consider when making investment decision.

Compared with other coastal provinces and municipalities, Hainan, the southmost island province of China, falls behind relatively in the economic aggregate and growth rate. It also has limitations of inconvenient transportation and incomplete infrastructure in attracting foreign investment. Under such a backdrop, Hainan has introduced a number of encouraged policies on land, fiscal and taxation, financing and talent to attract foreign investment.

The report, named Hainan’s Business Environment & Assessment Report (2017), notes that the province presents different regional policies, resource advantages and industrial basis in its five regions, namely the northern, southern, central and eastern, western and Sansha Maritime Economic Zone. It thus advises investors to seize investment opportunities based on different regional characteristics.  

Being the only municipality directly under the Central Government in western China, Chongqing has various advantages in attracting foreign investment, such as broad market, comprehensive service functions, strong financial support and rich science and education resources.

Chongqing’s Business environment and Assessment Report (2017) shows that investors can not only obtain investment opportunities in key competitive industries such as electronic information industry, chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, light textile industry and energy industry, but also find opportunities in strategic emerging industries.

The three reports are a part of a series of reports published by Xinhua Silk Road on the business environment of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions on Chinese mainland. The reports, updated and released annually, follow the changes of business environment and aim to help overseas investors find business opportunities in China.   

In the future, Xinhua Silk Road will release more domestic and overseas business environment information and analysis reports, provide relevant database service. It also regularly releases Belt and Road Weekly, which focuses on the latest development of the Belt and Road Initiative and showcases the achievements and opportunities to the international community.

Xinhua Silk Road was officially launched in July 2015. The platform currently provides products and services covering a Chinese-English bilingual database, a Chinese-English bilingual web portal, research, consulting and think-tank services. It also offers companies and institutions one-stop services in due diligence, trade matchmaking, branding, and credit investigation.

For the full reports, please contact +86-10-63077787, or silkroadweekly@xinhua.org. 

(Contributed by Tong Wei, Edited by Zhang Aifang)

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